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Midnight Special Studded Cape



Product Details

Brand spankin' new for Fall/Winter 2021, with a body made with hand cut and dyed black suede, topped off with silver stud and Western flair slit arm detail.  This piece is perfect to dress down with jeans or dress up for a night on the town. Designed right here in California. 


-Made in a weighty durable suede

-Silver stud details

-One size fits all design

-Suede drapes over the body with comfort, with a western dart arm slit


Measurements: One size. 

Shoulder: Measures 17 inches from shoulder to shoulder. 

Chest Width: Measures 25 inches across the chest at the bottom of the arm darts.

Length: Measures 27 inches from the center of the top to the beginning of the fringe. 

Width: Measures 34.5 inches from side to side just above the fringe. 

Please note to use these measurements as a guide and are approximate due to the difference in leather elasticity and variation. Also note that the modeled pictures may not be a true depiction of colors due to photo filters/overlays. 

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