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Leather Care

How to care for your suede:

When to wear:

One important thing that people may not realize, is suede can get water damaged, so be mindful of when you plan to wear it avoiding a rainy day. A few drops or drizzle isn't the end of the world, just be attentive to how much water hits your jacket.

Protecting your suede:

Prior to wearing your suede, it is a great idea to spray it with a suede protectant to protect it from the elements or if there was to be any accidents or spills. Try and grab one that is waterproof. 

Cleaning + caring for your suede:

We know that with wear it will be inevitable that spots can happen. Rub your suede with a suede block and brush to get the stain out. It is recommended to gently brush your suede periodically to help it stay clean of dust and debris, but also keep it soft. It will also naturally soften the more it is worn. TIP: when using a suede brush remember - the longer the suede texture, the softer the brush you need to use. We want to emphasize to never machine wash your suede, it doesn't handle it well, even on a cold wash setting. 

If you properly care for your suede, it will pay you back in return with longevity and wear. The small amount of work to take care of it, is worth it in the long run. Enjoy!