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Leather….. there’s no substitute.

Catching the likes of some famous celebrities like Reba McEntire, Lainey Wilson, Miranda Lambert, and Jessie James Decker, California based brand Western & Co. believes in quality over quantity and sets out to design ready-to-wear western leather jackets and accessories to be in a league of their own.

It all started with a jacket – or should we say, without one. A lifelong lover of vintage, founder and designer Hailey Nelson was on a mission to find the perfect leather jacket: well-made, modern with a flattering silhouette, and of course, made of real leather. But search as she did, she just couldn’t find “the one.” So, as the old story goes, she designed it herself.

Here at Western & Co., we try and set our work a part by making it as high end as possible. The resurgence of western in mainstream fashion brings a sense of nostalgia, glamour and curiosity for those not living the lifestyle making them want to be apart of it. We're reinventing the wheel for western leather fashion and believe it should be in everyones closet. 

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