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5 Tips on Balancing Entrepreneurship and Momhood


5 Tips on Balancing Entrepreneurship and Momhood


5 Tips on Balancing Entrepreneurship and Momhood

5 Tips on Balancing Entrepreneurship and Momhood

By: Hailey Nelson

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life juggling being a wife, mother of four, designer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. With my husband's support, I started Western & Co. a decade ago starting with t-shirts to later developing and designing leather garments and accessories, all while maintaining the day-to-day operations of a business. From my experience, I have learned how difficult it is to juggle 20 balls in the air, dropping many along the way, falling down, to getting back up. I’ve found some tips and tricks to help me not completely lose my sh*t that I would love to share with you.

To-do lists and digital calendars.

Google or Apple calendars are your friend. I have three calendars set up on my phone – one for work, one for family, and one that combines the two. This helps me keep track of meetings, appointments, and kids' activities. Inviting my husband to my important meetings helps us stay on track with who is stepping in to take on kid duty.  If you are like me and planners aren’t your jam, lists are your friend. And yes, plain white paper – one for work, one for personal. There is something about crossing it off the list that is weirdly satisfying. For items that are bigger projects that need more time and attention, I will add them to my list and then block off time in my calendar so that I can dedicate it to my workday.

Self Care. You are a priority.

And I’m not talking about your monthly pedicure; you need more self-care than that. Make sure you move your body every day, whether that is going for a ride mid-day, a walk, enjoying some vitamin D, hitting the Pilates studio, or engaging in a hardcore workout session. This will help increase your energy and help you focus. My personal favorite is Pilates and yoga, which has helped me stay grounded, recharged and also helped me not lose my cool with the kids.  


In addition to this, your health is very important. Schedule that mammogram, see your chiropractor, make the long-overdue gyno appointment, and check-in with your therapist for your mental health. We all have different needs and health goals, but make sure both your physical and mental needs are taken care of to stay on your A-game. 


Hire people much smarter than you. 

Hiring people smarter is something people shout from the rooftops for a reason. I have multiple specialists for work, which allows me to manage, rather than micromanage, and trust that things will be accomplished correctly. Stick to what you are great at and fuel you the most, and find people to help you with the rest.  Also, you get what you pay for so invest in your people. Investing in people makes them invest in you and your company. For my personal life, I have a network of friends and family to call when things hit the fan whether that is help with practices, school, or other activities.


Automate. Automate what you can.


In this day and age, nearly everything can be automated. From auto shipping essentials from Amazon or online grocery stores, hiring a housekeeper routinely, or automating your bills… this will save you a ton of time. The amount of single ordering and shopping you have to do really adds up and automating will allow you to take on other tasks that are essential for your business and your home life.  


 Are you at the start of your business journey where you can’t afford a house cleaner or help around the house? Start with something small that’s attainable like every other week or once a month and you’ll be surprised at how much this allows you to focus on other tasks and you will figure out a way to delegate those tasks so you won't have to do them.  


 With my many roles ranging from momhood to entrepreneur, I have found that following these five tips is essential for my ability to juggle it all without completely dropping the ball. And if I can do it, I promise you sure can too.



Hailey Nelson

Business owner & Mom

Hailey is a wife, mother, designer, entrepreneur, and founder of Western & Co. She has a passion for championing other women along their journey to entrepreneurship and juggling motherhood at the same time. 

You can find more of her work over on Instagram at @westernandco.